The Fit Process begins by asking you about current or past shoes that you have had success with, and if possible looking at the wear patterns “spots of worn away tread on the bottom of used shoes” which will tell us what parts of the shoe you are using most while you’re your exercising.

During this time we will ask about any past injuries, or other factors that may influence your shoe choice. Then we will have you take off your shoes and roll up your pant legs. Yes, you heard right, we want to see your feet!

We will have you walk across the store and back taking note of your arch height, ankle position, and how they work together as you walk. This process will show us what type of foot you have.

After explaining your foot type to you, and answering any questions you have we will bring out shoes that are best suited to your unique foot type. While trying the shoes on and discussing them with us, we urge our customers to take them for a test run outside. This gets you off the nice squishy carpet in the store, onto the hard surface outside where you will be doing most of your exercising.

After narrowing the shoes down through the process of elimination, we hope to find a shoe that you cannot live without.

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