If you consider yourself a fan of & active member of the Run Away Shoes community, you’re invited to join “The Runaways!”

The Runaways

“The Runaways” is our store club that runs as an annual membership program.

Applications are closed for the 2020 Club. Please check back in December for the 2021 Applications to open.

Would I be a good fit for the club?

Ask yourself…

Do I love Run Away Shoes?

Am I already an active member in the Run Away Shoes community? (attending Run Away Shoes sponsored events such as races, VIP Night, pub runs, and other store sponsored events)

Then you are a great fit to apply to join the club!

Tell me more! smile

Click the following link to find out what The Runaways club membership is all about! The Runaways Details

Club members are selected through an application process. Applications are open for the following year from 12/1 – 12/31. Limited spots are available. Club members will be selected and announced shortly after the New Year. If selected, you will have one week to stop into the Run Away Shoes near you to claim your spot in the club and pay the $25 fee. If you do not claim your spot within one week of receiving acceptance, we will move onto the next person in line.

Runaways perks are for personal use only.

How long will I be a member for?

Membership is one year in length, however, Run Away Shoes or The club member may terminate the relationship at any time.

The application process for the following year will open on 12/1.

What is the cost of membership?



E-mail [email protected]

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