January 16th was the last day of Green Bay Run Away Shoes 2.0.  Our new location, which is 1 ft from the old location, is 50% bigger and we cannot be any more excited to have you see it.  This is our third location in Green Bay. The first one (January ’07 to July ’09) was directly next door to Starbucks and was only 350 SQ ft of retail space. The second location (July ’09 – Jan ’15) was a dark but warm 648 SQ ft with a balcony and now we have the vibrant and character-filled new 1100 sq ft space.  I would like to thank the staff and clients who have made the Run Away Shoes Green Bay store an amazing place, and made it possible to move to an event bigger space.



We started the movin night with 12 kids from the St. Norbert’s Track and Field team.  They used their hands as tidal waves movin everything from one place to the other in just over one hour.  There were thousands of shoes, accessories, and pieces of apparel that they moved quickly, and without breaking anything!  So a huge thank you to the St. Norbert’s track team!  You would think the hard part would have been accomplished… but nope, the detailed work always takes more time than you think.  Mr. Colin McKean, our Green Bay store manager, stayed until 2 am to make sure it would look presentable to the public the next day and he even made it the Prevea Training Run at 7 am.

I should preface the next few sentences by telling you some of my philosophies:

– You should do work yourself.

– Spend money where you should

– Respect those who help support you and treat them well

– Live what you love

– A great salesman takes the products available and make it personal to the clients for the clients benefit.

– I love to sleep at my stores so I feel a part of shop (I know it’s weird.)

– Never close and have a loss of revenue.

Now that you know I live what I do and I love what I do, it will explain this next bit a little better. I have two small children of 6 months and 2+ years old which means I never get any good sleep and change a lot of Huggies diapers.  So it’s 2 am and there is still plenty to do, so I get to work.  First, I organize the sock wall from about 2:30am to 4am.


Next, I put up hooks and a mirror in the changing room from 4am to 4:20am. Then, it’s onto the men’s apparel wall 4:20am to 5am and small details of shoe and display placement from 5am to 6am, thinking to myself how lucky I am to be doing this… Thank you Susan McDowell!  I then made a few videos of the new location and took pictures of the old location that made me tear up.  It is amazing how walls, floors, ceilings become my history and life.  It was a tearful goodbye to the old location as I took a moment to reflect on where we came from and where we are going.  Now I know if anyone is still reading this you are thinking “really dude, this is just a store,” and I say to that, “this is one of my babies and it has become a part of my family and losing any family is still hard to do.”


At 6:30 I call Colin and explain how I am still up and he should have stayed. Just kidding.


At 7am, I finally get to sleep on my air mattress, and wake up at 9am to help a good friend clean the floor. Then we grab some coffee and  await the customers at 10am.  Many people are happy to see the new location and others are shocked because just days ago we weren’t there.  We have spent many hours to make sure this store is the next step and it seems customers are excited and thrilled with the new feel of the new Green Bay shop. So if you haven’t benn in for awhile or are ready for the spring to come, check out the pictures and lets’ get running and walking across North east Wisconsin.


Another note, if you know why I used the words “movin” or “benn” email me at [email protected] and receive interesting tidbits or free stuff. First come, first serve.

Thank you Green Bay area for making us a part of your running world.


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