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FOR Green Bay and the Fox Valley


The bulk of the work you do to prepare for performance will not be in your competition shoes. To be sure your body has what it needs to grind out the miles and drills, we will walk you through a custom shoe fitting to find the best pair of shoes for you!


“A curated selection of the best track and field spikes in the area”
Not every spike is right for your needs. We will take into consideration your overall athlete profile such as:
  • What events you will be participating in
  • What your goals are
  • Special considerations such as past injuries


  • replacement spikes
  • performance socks
  • training apparel
  • recovery and injury prevention resources and tools
  • nutrition


As your neighborhood shoe shop, we want to be your go-to resource for shoes and equipment to keep your team prepared for competition. Our shop offers discounts for students and is more than happy to come to a team or parent meeting to talk about the importance of quality footwear.
Additionally, our partner company Run Away Impressions can provide custom team uniforms, warm-ups and more!

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