How will VIP Night Online work? 

Run Away Shoes Premier Event of the Year: VIP Night will be fully online for 2021 due to our current health climate. While we will miss being together, we are excited about the ways we are still going to be able to connect you with your favorite brands, learn something new, and add a pop of motivation back into your winter seeing the latest and greatest from our brands.


Three things you need to know:

1. Watch Brand Videos

Since you cannot physically visit a booth to see the latest and greatest product from our top brands, our brand representatives are recording videos showing their product. We will release those videos daily (linked on our website and Facebook page) the week leading up to VIP Night, beginning February 1st.

2. Order What You Love

Did you see something you loved in a brand video? We will be accepting VIP Night orders online through an order form. In the week following VIP Night, Run Away Shoes will contact you to confirm your order and send you an invoice. Ordering will be open once videos start to release on February 1st through February 8th at 8:00am.

The link to order will be posted on the VIP Night website once available.

3. Hang Out With Us Online On The Big Day!

What can you expect ON February 6th, VIP Night???

  • Live Q&A opportunities with each of the participating brand representatives
  • Live videos on Run Away Shoes Facebook including a Virtual Happy Hour
  • The finale of the Charity Auction, that will be run on our Facebook page February 1st – February 6th at 5pm.

IMPORTANT: Links and schedule for all of the brand videos, live Q&A’s, online ordering and more will all be updated on the event webpage as the event approaches.

Join the VIP Night Facebook event for Facebook updates as well.

As always, VIP Night is a FREE event. We look forward to connecting with you in February!

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