Sunday and Monday I took off for recovery. My achilies was still a little sore but not to bad. Did ice it a lot on those two days to help make the swelling go down.

Tuesday I ran 5.5 miles. I learned that after donating plasma its not a good idea to run right away. I was so tired and it took a lot out of me. Temp was a little warm and I did over dress. Wore Tights and a wool top with windproof jacket. Way to many cloths. For shoes I tried my new pair of Brooks Cadence. They were a nice shoe, low profile and had decent support and cushioning. I like them a lot more than my Saucony Mirage that I have.


Wed ran with the Great Lakes group and we did 5.5 again. It was a good pace and got to wear shorts for the first time this year!!! Super exciting. Ran in my Nike structure triax again and I am starting to like them more and more everytime. For a shirt I wore a long sleeve with a half zip over. Felt pretty good. I did eat some toast with peanut butter before the run. I usually dont eat anything but it was light enought to not affect me at all.

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