Winter Running: 6 Tips

I am starting over like many do this time of year. So far, we have been blessed with relatively good winter running weather. The temperature is normal and snow has been under 37 inches in a single weekend. So I implore you to get out the door and enjoy the chance to be running in a Wisconsin winter.

Here are a few things I forget every year about running in Wisconsin winters and getting back into a routine that can maybe help you, too.

Man and Woman Running in the Winter

How to Dress: wear a brimmed hat to block the snow. Either under or over regular winter running hat.

The “recommendation” is to dress as if it’s 20 degrees warmer, but there is a little more to that;

– How far are you going?

– Wind direction?

– Time of day?

– How do you like to feel when you are running?

These are all important factors to consider.

SUPPORT! Surround yourself with encouraging people who care about your goals and well being. Have the positive influence of others will support a consistent running regiment actually happening.

Seek out others who are committed to running through the wintery months. Meet together to tackle miles!

Find ways to keep the running ember going. Some suggestions: Plan to train for a race (Badger State 10k and Door County Half Marathon are great spring suggestions), or a new piece of apparel.

Also, everyone needs a good pair of shoes. For training, general lifting, running indoors, etc…They help the hurt feel a little bit better.

We highly recommend you visit a specialty running shoe store near you. If you’re in the Green Bay or the Fox Valley, stop into Run Away Shoes! Our friendly & knowledgeable staff are excited to serve you.

Running parties! Yes – they do exist! Our VIP Night, and the Cellcom Green Bay Marathon kick-off are two you’ll find near the end of winter and early spring. 

Mix up your training to keep it interesting on the un-runable days:  Bike trainers, workout classes, yoga, whatever it may be… consistency is key throughout the year!

Give us your tips for surviving running through the winter in Wisconsin and getting back into a fitness routine.

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